Update on Report + Support

We wanted to address some of the recent press attention around Culture Shift and our Report + Support system. Our Report + Support platform is first and foremost a reporting system, allowing users to report any instance of bullying or harassment, and access further support to help them in their place of work and study. 

Our mission is to break down barriers to reporting bullying and harassment within institutions. We in no way exist to stifle freedom of speech, which has been a challenge levelled at us in the past. We’re proud to work with over 60 HE institutions who have all taken the positive step of partnering with us to further enhance the speak-up culture on campus. 

Anonymous reporting is a vitally important part of what our software does, empowering the many survivors who don't feel confident enough to attach their name to a report, through fear of repercussions or not being believed, to seek vital support. 

Report + Support’s primary objective is to ensure all survivors feel supported, which can help play a pivotal role in reducing the impact of such instances on the rest of their lives. The platform is there for staff and students to report the countless very real incidents they experience each year, none of which are trivial, and we believe it has the power to save lives.

Almost 60% of female students say they have been sexually assaulted at university and one in 20 students admit they have left their course because of racism, while two thirds who said they had experienced racial harassment did not report it to their university. The issue is rife and we’re working to change that so our educational institutions are safe environments for everyone. 

Culture Shift is a socially conscious business which exists to create positive change for people all over the world. We measure our success in the number of people we can reach. Over 1 million people now have access to our reporting system should they need it, and by creating a sustainable business for our team to work and thrive.

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