Is harassment and discrimination a big problem?

Most victims of harassment don't speak up about their experiences; this remains true whether it’s bullying, verbal assault, physical assault or any of the other forms that harassment can take.

This leaves a patchy picture behind of the reality of harassment experienced by all types of people. However, the data that we do have, which we’re sure still doesn’t capture the true extent of what people face, shows how common harassment is in workplaces and universities alike.

The following looks at the existing data on harassment experienced by different groups of people, looking at:


We did our own research into the experiences of harassment within the workplace to see how prevalent the issue is, and also the impact that it can have on people.

Although some industries may report lower figures of harassment witnessed and experienced within the workplace, even those with less incidences still show a high frequency of inappropriate behaviour being demonstrated at work.

Harassment based on protected characteristics

Here's the data on harassment experienced at work by people within the LGBT+ community

Is harassment a workplace issue or does harassment start before people hit the workplace?

The data on harassment within the education system demonstrates that if we only seek to address inappropriate behaviour in the workplace we'll be acting too late.

To truly tackle these issues we need to understand and identify how unacceptable behaviour is learned, and address it at every stage possible.

Here's what the data looks like on harassment within Further Education

Data on harassment and discrimination experienced within Further Education

The following data demonstrates how harassment and racial discrimination impacts staff and students in Higher Education.


The above data demonstrates just a small snippet of the experiences and impact of harassment on people across multiple sectors.

It shows that, yes, harassment and discrimination is an issue that we need to continue to address.

To learn more about how we're using our reporting platform to tackle harassment and unacceptable behaviour, check out our features page.

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