What is the reputational impact of problematic behaviour?

Reputational repercussions of problematic behaviour: Exploring the reputational impact toxic workplace culture has on organisations There has never been more pressure on organisations to understand what is important to their people, as the 'great resignation' and skills shortages affect many sectors.

From work-life balance to trusting their employers and colleagues, positive workplace experiences are crucial. This impacts an organisation's employer brand, investor appeal, and ability to attract new talent. In this report, we reveal that two in three employees wouldn't accept a job with a company known for having a bad culture.

For this reason, leaders need to be aware of how toxic workplace culture can truly impact the reputation of their organisation – both internally and externally. From negative Glassdoor reviews and poor word of mouth, to an ‘internal’ scandal hitting the news agenda, resulting in plunging stock prices and declining sales, our new research shines a light on the real repercussions of having a reputation for poor workplace culture. 

In this report we reveal the true impact toxic workplace culture can have on an organisation’s reputation, while shining a light on what leaders can and should be doing to create a positive workplace culture.  

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