The future of workplace culture

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As businesses continue navigating the pandemic and conversations around the future of workplace culture take precedence, it's becoming increasingly important to consider your attitude to flexible working, and look at different ways of approaching communication and collaboration.

While some organisations have welcomed remote working with open arms, other employers have struggled to trust their employees to work autonomously with some even ramping up on surveillance to track exactly what their workforce is doing. This is quite troubling, when you look at the fact that 93% of Britains workforce say having an employer that trusts them is important for their overall happiness at work.

This stat came from our recent research report, which also uncovered that 86% of employees say working at a company with a strong ethical background is key, signalling some employers may need to rethink their strategies as they plan for the future.

During this event our panellists shared their insight and opinions on how you can future-proof the culture of your workplace.

About the panelists:

  • Advita Patel - Advita is director of revolutionary internal comms consultancy, Comms Rebel, board director of CIPR and co-founder of A Leader Like Me, a platform to help women of colour build confidence and progress further in their careers as leaders.
  • Lucie Roth - Lucie is the Global director of talent development at Emarsys, and a Chartered CIPD member, having previously worked across the management consulting, legal and financial sectors.
  • Kevin Coutinho - Kevin is Chair of Trustees at Winsor Fellowship, Council Member of The Linnean Society of London, and Athena SWAN (Equality & Diversity) Manager at UCL. His specialties are in diversity/race/sexual orientation equality, staff engagement and coaching (amongst other things!)


  • Gemma McCall - Gemma is the Co-Founder and CEO of Culture Shift, a software business that believes in using tech to bring about positive change. She's a staunch feminist, true ally, and eternally hopeful that the world can be made a better place for everyone.

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