Scott McLellan: my experience of workplace bullying

Scott McLellan joined Culture Shift as the New Partnership's Director back in June 2020. He's a passionate Culture Shifter, something which is partially driven by his own personal experiences and his desire to make sure nobody else has to go through workplace bullying.

Read Scott's story below, and learn more about why he strives to help organisations create workplaces that are safe, happy and supportive for everyone. 

"Between 2006 and 2008 I was bullied in the workplace. It took me 2 years, a period of long-term absence, therapy and I still didn't make a formal report!

My colleagues were aware of what was happening, they even made comments to me about it, but no one raised it formally.

The main question I was asked then and still get asked now, is "Why didn't you report it?".

I am a statistic, part of the 52% who suffer/d from workplace bullying and harassment and didn't say anything. Yes, I was able to make a formal complaint or raise a grievance if I wanted to, but that is a big step.

Being a young leader, new to the office, I had my first mortgage and was about to get married. I feared that my job would be at risk and because the person was my manager, well known in the office, and was of the opposite sex so nobody would believe me.

If I had been able to make an anonymous report, I would have. At the very least then the business would know someone was asking for support.

It is a HUGE step to make a formal report, 13 years later we still see the shocking headlines: 70% of BAME employees have experienced bullying or harassment in the workplace. Lesbian, gay and bisexual employees are twice as likely to suffer from workplace bullying than heterosexual employees. 52% of women have experienced harassment in the workplace.

And of all those experiences... Over 52% of people will never report it.

Since I experienced workplace bullying, not a lot has changed in terms of people feeling safe and comfortable to speak out and report it to their organisation. We really need to see more businesses making changes."

If you would like to speak to Culture Shift about how we can help make sure you're aware of what's going on in your organisation and prevent workplace bullying, Scott would love to chat.

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