Remote working and the opportunity for inclusion

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As businesses continue navigating the pandemic and conversations around the future of workplace culture take precedence, we were proud to host this conversation about remote working and the opportunity it gives you to make your workplace radically accessible and inclusive.

You might prefer your teams to be together in the same office, but it's really important for you to make sure you're attracting and retaining employees from all backgrounds. This inclusivity creates better diversity of thought in your organisation and a better, happier and more productive workplace. 49% of employees with varying physical abilities, and neuro-diversities, said working from home has improved their work-life - and if you don't support this new way of working, you'll be missing out on their talent.

This stat came from our recent research report, which also uncovered that 37% women agree with that sentiment.

During this discussion with a panel of experts, we talk about how you can ensure you're maximising diversity and inclusion, whilst building your culture and supporting people.

Panel members:

  • Rachel Morgan-Trimmer: Rachel is a highly-experienced public speaker, consultant and business coach which she delivers through her own business Sparkle Class. She delivers powerful talks and engaging workshops on all aspects of neurodiversity, which includes ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. She draws on her own experience of having ADHD and autism to help people understand why neurodiversity is important and the impact it has on mental health. Rachel also co-founded the Neurodiversity Association to promote high standards and positive approaches within the neurodiversity industry.
  • Leyla Okhai: Leyla is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Expert, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Coach and Cultural Awareness Specialist. She's the CEO and Director of Diverse Minds UK, helping to create equal, happy and mentally healthy workplaces through training, coaching and consultancy. She has over sixteen years’ experience in leading, developing, delivering and managing diversity, inclusion and equality practices, and has been responsible for embedding culture change in the world’s top universities. She's also Winner of the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce Award for Outstanding Diversity and Inclusion Business
  • Janice Sutherland: Janice is an award-winning Women’s Leadership Expert with over 25 years of Senior Leadership Corporate Experience, and was one of the first female CEOs in the Caribbean. She's CEO of Sutherland Coaching and Consulting, Founder of This Woman Can and Chairperson of Caribbean Women in Leadership. She's particularly passionate about seeing women succeed and through This Woman Can she's developing female leaders to achieve peak performance.

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