Maintaining workplace culture in a rapidly changing environment

As many workplaces across the country look at how they can start bringing employees back to the office safely, and others set intentions for working from home, this report looks at how corporates can maintain their workplace culture in a rapidly changing landscape.

The report hones in on everything from workplace culture in the current climate, to how diverse and inclusive employees believe their organisation are, before delving into how employers can improve their future workplace culture.

We asked 1,000 employees who are currently working from home a series of questions around their workplace culture, environments and general levels of wellbeing in the current climate, as well as the factors that are important to them when it comes to the future of the workplace. The respondents were each office-based before the pandemic and the sample included respondents from various verticals including, banking/financial services, insurance, law and technology.

At Culture Shift we feel passionate about creating a positive, inclusive and diverse workplace culture, representative of the real world. The findings from this report are important and highlight the true sentiment of how organisations are faring in the current climate across the board. We hope you find this report useful.

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