How to create an open and inclusive workplace

We know that inclusion and diversity in business improves performance, retention, profit and performance. We also know from multiple studies that having a more inclusive workplace where you feel safe to be yourself can have positive effects on mental health and satisfaction at work. So if progress is better for business, and better for people, then what’s causing delay?Catch up on our latest webinar to find out:


We were joined by a panel of inclusion experts to find out how you can make your workforce happier and more productive by being more inclusive and empowering people to speak up.


Amrit Nijjar, Inclusion and Belonging Manager, Tarmac

Amrit is an Inclusion and Belonging Manager who works with companies to work towards building a truly inclusive culture where everyone feels safe and able to truly be themselves.

Amrit believes if people have a true sense of belonging, they will truly excel in their roles, and therefore in their performance at work. She gained global praise in her company with a ‘Proud to be me’ campaign, which gave leadership teams and employees at all levels a platform to get to know each other and appreciate differences more than they may previously have done.

Previously an award-winning engagement and communications professional with over 15 years of experience, Amrit uses this expertise to help embed Inclusion and Diversity action plans within her company.

Mark Webb, Social Media and Communications Consultant

Mark is a communications and social media consultant, Head of Comms for the charity and social network for people with Multiple Sclerosis,

He’s also a busy public speaker and disability campaigner. Mark is passionate about the power of positivity to drive change, and during this event will draw on his own experience to inspire our attendees with examples of how large organisations can go above and beyond to create inclusive environments for all people.

Mark was diagnosed with relapsing MS in 2007 and secondary progressive MS in 2018. In his spare time he plays Wheelchair Rugby (badly).

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